Housegroups play an important role at All Hallows, encouraging faith through fellowship in the informal setting of the home.

There are currently 9 housegroups that meet regularly.

Each of our housegroups is different in feel from the others. Some focus on Bible study while other groups are more at home looking at the writings of missionaries and modern theologians.

We now have many people involved in the different groups, meeting fortnightly or monthly. Everyone who is a member is growing in faith and fellowship.

All our groups foster caring and supportive relationships between members. Our housegroups are a significant part of our Community of Blessing at All Hallows. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why we believe that housegroups are so important.

They give an opportunity to:

  1. Grow spiritually.
  2. Develop friendships that support and encourage.
  3. Receive strength, encouragement and courage in times of trouble. 
  4. Discover and develop spiritual gifts.
  5. Grow beyond the walls of the church.

At All Hallows we have a number of housegroups, each with its own particular ethos. All the groups are very happy to welcome new members and all provide opportunities for discussion, for fellowship and for learning more about what it means to be a Christian in today's world.

The following list gives information on existing groups but you may feel that something different would suit you better. Would you like to start a new group? You could be a founder member!


'Doorway' (Current membership - Women aged 50+)

Meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 12 noon. The venue rotates around members' houses. 

Content of meetings: Various study courses, lunch, prayer, chat and serious discussion

Contacts:  Val Rickwood 

'Tuesday Group' (Current membership - ages 60+)

Meets on the last Tuesday evening of each month. The venue varies round members' houses.

Content of meetings: Various Bible studies and aspects of Christian life.

Contact: Peter Beech 

'Allerton Men' (Current membership - men, all retired)

Meets on the third Tuesday evening of each month and the venue rotates around members' houses.

Content of meetings: Discussion on various religious matters.


'Compass' (Current membership - age range 40+)

Meets, usually on the third Wednesday of the month, at 28 Heath Road or 54 Babbacombe Road.

Content of meetings: Various study courses, tea and chat. Support for individual members. 

Contact: Pam Edis 

'Teapot' (Current membership - age range 60+)

Meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 21 Primrose Road. 

Content of the meetings: Bible study, discussion and sharing experiences of Christian life. 

Contacts: Rachel Metcalf or Norma Heron

'Serendipity' (Current membership - age range 55+)

Meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 8pm. Meets at 39 Druidsville Road.

Content of the meetings: various study courses. 

Contacts: Madeleine Edwards 

'Two ships' (Current membership - aged 40+)

Meets on Thursday evenings at 8pm at 21 Halkirk Road.

Content of the meetings: Bible study, discussion and aspects of faith and prayer

Contacts: Chris Savidge

'Abba Friends' (Currently all ages)

Various dates throughout the year at various members' homes.

Content of the meetings: Various studies and discussions 

Contacts: Jan Thomas, Cheryl D'Annunzio, Rachel Metcalf, Jim Page 

We would love for more people to join the groups and we hope that newcomers will feel welcome to do so. To request more information on any of our housegroups,- just contact one of the housegroup leaders from the list on the right-hand side of this page.