Luncheon Club

Our Luncheon Club meets on Tuesday in the Small Hall from 12 noon Membership is not restricted to senior citizens - our aim is to provide a welcome to anyone who is on their own who would benefit from the fellowship that present members enjoy. 

A nourishing, home-cooked meal is served, followed by a dessert, coffee or tea, and presently costs £4.00.

A limited number of drivers transport members to and from Luncheon Club, but there may be elderly members of our congregation who would wish to join us on Tuesdays but cannot physically do so. We now have a few vacancies if anyone would like to join us. 

If you feel you can help with transport, on a rota basis, or would like to join the Luncheon Club, please contact Lilian Jones or Jim Page. They can both be found on Sunday Mornings in church.