Man to Man

If you look up Man to Man in the dictionary you get a number of definitions:

  1. Frank; honest; candid; sincere: a man-to-man talk
  2. A man-to-man discussion - characterised by directness or candour

  3. Designating or a type of defence used in various team sports, in which each defensive player guards a specified offensive player.

Well, I know our group has played a bit of football in our time, but we are really about definitions 1 and 2.


We are Man2Man - 'A band of brothers....standing shoulder to shoulder'

Man 2 Man is the Mossley Hill Team group for men (18 and over). It's a forum for men to forge good strong relationships, a place of accountability, where we can be gripped by following Jesus as a 'Band of Brothers'.

It was launched in September 2008 and includes the other team churches. It is a great way to meet up with people from St Barnabas and Mossley Hill.

The group is affiliated to CVM (Christian Vision for Men), a national organisation with 25 years of experience of working with men and local churches.

Our yearly programme of events typically includes:

  • Six-a-side football
  • Games nights  at St Barnabas
  • M2M about God - Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Rose of Mossley pub, often rounded off with a wonderful curry
  • Regular Saturday breakfast meetings in the small hall at All Hallows Centre

We are always looking to welcome new members, so just see Jim Page on any Sunday for more details or watch out for the next event on the pew sheet. Jim can also be contacted by following the link on the right-hand side of this page.