Pastoral Care Team


One of the benefits that many people find in belonging to a church is the care and friendship that they can enjoy with other members of the congregation.

Jesus tells us that there are two key commandments – to love God and to love your neighbour as yourself – and we live out our faith when we are able to show that love to those around us, both within the church community and beyond.

Sometimes we face particular crises in our lives and we need the support of our church family. Our Pastoral Care team is there to support those in need. This may be to those who are sick in hospital or at home, or recently bereaved, or who are isolated through a lack of mobility or old age.

The Pastoral Care Team is aware that there is a great deal of care already being administered within our congregation but there is always a need for more so we, as a team, offer ourselves in this ministry. If there is anyone you feel needs any carte or support, for example, visits, practical help,please do let Rachel know. Rachel can be contacted using the link on this page. 

In addition to responding to individual needs we have a range of regular caring activities:

  • We hold informal worship at a local residential home for younger people, Beechley Nursing Home, Harthill Road, every other Tuesday at 6pm. This is a wonderful experience and anyone is welcome to join us. We also organise social events at the home throughout the year. 
  • Home Communion is taken to members who are unable to attend worship at church. On the last Friday of each month at 2pm we also take Holy Communion to Beechside Nursing Home.
  • Three times a year we organise Holy Communion followed by afternoon tea in church. This is for our 'hidden congregation' - those unable, for various reasons, to attend worship regularly in church. We invite any members of our congregation to join us. It is a very spiritual and friendly event with an average of over 70 attendees.
  • Our team members visit church members who are sick at hospital and at home. 
  • The evening Sunday service is taped weekly and taken to members who cannot attend church.
  • The team is responsible for the Welcome Cards that are in our pews and as well as follow-up visits from these they visit any new families with children joining Sunday Clubs to welcome them to All Hallows.
  • Members of our team follow up bereavements with a pastoral visit to the families. 
  • We support the local asylum seekers in our support to Judith Henderson, our church's representative with Asylum Link. 
  • We run a minibus service on a Sunday morning to enable as many members as possible to get to worship at church. 
  • We have responsibility for collection and distribution of harvest gifts 

The Pastoral Care Team meets on the second Tuesday of every other month (January, March, May, July, September and November).

If you would feel you would like to help with some of the above activities and join the Pastoral Care Team, you are very very welcome.

If you want to contact a member of our Pastoral Care Team just click on one of the links on the right hand side of the page.