Giving for Life

How do you decide how much you should give for the life of the church 

There is no easy formula: we are commanded to love God, and our neighbour as ourselves. 

This requires us to put God and the ministry of his church first in our finances. We already do this in our weekly worship, when we give the first day of the week to God. 

Love is generous, love is kind and love is selfless. We see this in all the wonderful gifts we receive from God. How will we respond ?

  • By reading this page and praying for understanding of our commitment .
  • By increasing our giving according to what we can afford. 
  • By using Gift Aid if we pay tax.
  • By giving proportionately with a % of our income to fund ministry in all its forms. 

Please read on to learn about GIVING FOR LIFE






Our giving at All Hallows sustains our church building: it is a sacred place dedicated to worship, prayer and witness. It is a Church on the Way - calling everyone to the way of Christ.

Our giving at All Hallows sustains parish clergy across the diocese and the training of new clergy and readers. This year we have celebrated the licensing of Christopher Stead as a new Reader in our own church.

Our giving at All Hallows sustains our parish ministry, enabling us to:

  • Worship together each week
  • Welcome friends and visitors 
  • Visit the sick and the housebound
  • Celebrate weddings and baptisms 
  • Comfort bereaved families 
  • Provide for children and young people 
  • Support local schools
  • Provide teaching and learning 
  • Build for the future

Our giving at All Hallows sustains mission at home and abroad. Learn all about this on our Mission Giving page.

This ministry not only supplies the needs of the saints but overflows with many thanksgivings to God 2 Corinthians 9 v12


To cultivate our Giving for Life, we need to think carefully about all the gifts we receive from God, consider our priorities and then prayerfully review our giving. 

All Hallows needs £2,595 every week in 2015 for our planned ministry and worship, witness, service and mission.

We currently  receive only £1,940 each week. In order to meet the shortfall for this and provide for further growth in All Hallows, we need the grace of giving for LIFE.

'But just as you excel in everything...see you also excel in this grace of giving'  2 Corinthians 8 v7


In 2010 and 2011 we raised the money needed to repair our church tower, replace our hymnbooks, support the move of the team office, give £3,000 to support building a home for street children in DR Congo. In 2014 we replaced our ageing sound system with a new Audio Visual system and replaced the winows in our church halls and we continue to give 10% of our planned giving to mission giving each year. 

In 2014 we needed to spend every week:

  • £350 to heat and light the church and pay for insurance 
  • £1,500 for our share of the costs of clergy, for salaries, housing and training 
  • £575 on worship and ministry costs within our community and worldwide mission giving  

£2,425 a week.  

Each week we receive £1,940, which is £485 less than we needed 

These figures represent the cost of living, that is, of the Christian life here at All Hallows. We are not just an organisation but a 'community of blessing', trying to live the life to which Jesus calls us, reflecting the values of his kingdom. Our gifts are for the LIFE of  the church, and enable us to 'call others to the Way of Christ'.


The All Hallows' Planned Giving Scheme has 172 members.

Is it time for you to join the envelope scheme?

Is it time to move to standing order?

The gift aid scheme has 163 tax payers contributing. Every £1 you give could earn us an additional 25 pence. Is it time for you to join?

Giving to God's work through the church should be a priority. Is it your priority yet? Is it time to increase your giving?

A number of people are giving proportionately. Is it time to give in proportion to what you receive?

Think of your weekly income. What percentage are you giving today - is it appropriate?

'This is a ministry for everyone - each according to their needs'  2 Corinthians 8 v11

Please think and pray about your response