Volunteers in All Hallows


At All Hallows we depend on our volunteers to ensure that our Community of Blessing is a reality. Everyone can be a volunteer.

Volunteering is a way of doing God's work and, as with all God's work, we are doubly rewarded in faith for the efforts we put in.

Would you like to volunteer? Have you wanted to volunteer but do not know what is needed or who to ask?

This page is for you. The table below shows all the regular volunteer positions that are needed in All Hallows and the contact you need for more information.

Please do visit our time and talents page and complete a form to show us the areas where you may like to become involved in the mission of All Hallows, and our situations vacant page showing where we need particular help at this time. 

This list is not complete...what else can you suggest? What is your passion? How are you gifted? Why not start a group of your own, or see if anyone out there shares your concern and interest?


  Position Description Contact
  Administration  There is a team of people involved in collating papers, stuffing envelopes, photocopying as THE need arises. We have a church administrator who supports the Team Rector and who also is responsible for the church diary.  Kathryn Topping
  Baptism Team Families are visited. and invited to consider the significance of baptism for themselves and their children. They are supported, from this initial visit, through the baptism service, and contact is maintained afterwards. Jane Duff
  Buildings Maintenance  We have maintenance days 2 or 3 times a year to enable a variety of DIY jobs to be carried out: painting,woodwork, electrical repairs, general tidying, etc.   Christine Stead 




Please look at our music page for full details of our choir. We are a mixed choir and new members are always welcome. Practices are on Thursday evenings. 



Stephen Davies 
  Creche  Helping with the children's creche at the back of church on a Sunday morning. There is a rota for anyone who is able to help. Alison Molloy
  Deanery Synod Member  Deanery Synod members are voted in at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. Members represent All Hallows at the Deanery Synod and report back to the PCC, supporting the PCC in any decisions it needs to make in support of Synod decisions and requests. Team Rector
  Electoral Roll  To be a member of the church and to have a vote at the APCM or to become a member of the PCC it is necessary to be on the Electoral Roll. Revisions to the roll are published for each APCM. A new electoral roll is established every 5 years. The Electoral Roll Officer collects forms from people who wish to join and maintains the roll on behalf of the church.  Graham Holiday 
  Finance Team Meets once every two months and determines budget proposal for PCC. Members take an active role in the financial management for the treasurer, e.g. reporting vestry count, monitoring weddings' income, negotiating utilities contracts.  Helen Head
  Flowers  Our flowers team produces all the wonderful arrangements we see in church on a Sunday, and the special arrangements for Easter, Harvest and Christmas. They also are involved in flower festivals and, occasionally, producing arrangements for the Cathedral. Janet Smith
  Fundraising  Fundraising is needed for specific projects but we also have fundraising events each year to help church funds and to encourage fun and fellowship. We need more people to be involved in fundraising. Team Rector
  Grounds Maintenance  We have extensive grounds to maintain around both our church and our All Hallows' Centre. People are encouraged to 'adopt' an area to look after, take on routine maintenance tasks (e.g. mowing), or merely support in our 'Grounds Maintenance' days when they occur. Church Wardens
  Halls Management We have a Halls Management team that is responsible for the day-to-day running of our All Hallows' Centre, from taking bookings to opening the halls and collecting money, organising and working on maintenance and improvement projects. The team is active in promoting the Centre for wider use within the community. Margaret Smith
  Hospitality  Helping with hospitality can take a number of forms. There is a tea and coffee rota for provision of refreshments after our main Sunday services. Members of the hospitality team can be called on to provide refreshments and catering for church events and for individuals in need.  Christine Stead
  Intercessions and Readings  Join the rota for preparing prayers for our Sunday morning and evening services or do the readings at one of the services.  Carol Savidge
  Licensed Reader  Might God be calling you to lead us in worship and prayer as your ministry? Our readers are an important part of our leadership team. Team Rector
  Luncheon Club Every Tuesday we have a luncheon club open to pensioners and others from within the congregation. For a cost of £3, a lunch is provided and, in addition to a lovely meal, it is time for fellowship. Would you like to help in the preparation of lunches? It involves just 1-2 hours per month. Lilian Jones
  Messy Church  We have recently restarted our Messy Church (and Messy Tots) groups. We put on a Messy Christmas event but our ability to carry on long term will depend on how many people are willing to be involved. These are occasional fun evenings of crafts and worship aimed at all the family, normally on a Friday night. Rachel Metcalf
  Minibus Driver  We need minibus drivers to go on the rota to pick up and drop off people who would otherwise not be able to attend our services. Rachel Metcalf



Please look at our music page for full details of our music band This is a group of instrumentalists and singers who lead the music in our services twice a month  and meet on Tuesday evenings for practice.  Carol Savidge 
  Open Church  This is a hugely important ministry. We open our church as often as we can and the conditions of our grant from English Heritage for our tower repair mean that we are obliged to open at least 40 days per year. We cannot do this without stewards. Norma and her team organise events for many of our open days and support is needed in preparation and marketing, in addition to our stewards. Christine Stead
  Ordination  Might God be calling you to ordained ministry - now or in the future? Full-time in a parish or alongside other employment? Team Rector
  Organist  Would you like to be on the team to play the organ at our Sunday services.?If you are a skilled organ player we would love to hear from you.  Stephen Davies 
  PCC Member  The PCC consists of 24 members made up of the Clergy, the Wardens and licensed readers, Deanery Synod representatives and elected members. The PCC meets 6 times a year. Elected members are voted in at the Annual Parochial Church meeting (usually held in April) and serve for 3 years.  Carol Savidge 
  Pastoral Care  Our Pastoral Care team offers care and support to people in the parish, offering visits, practical help, home communion, bereavement visits, taking taped services to people, fortnightly worship at Beechley. The team also visits and welcomes new arrivals to All Hallows. Rachel Metcalf
  Pew Sheet  The pew sheet editor is responsible for collating the information sent to them and producing, printing and copying the weekly pew sheet in time for the Sunday Service. The Pew Sheet editor is also responsible for forwarding, in good time, the pew sheet to the website team to allow the latest news and events to be included. Pam Mold 
  Prayer and Healing  There are two chains for emergency and instant prayer support: one of Mothers' Union members and one with healing team members. We have a number of people who have undertaken appropriate courses in special skills that, together with natural gifts, enable them to offer ministries of 'Christian Listening' and bereavement visiting. The team meets regularly together to pray, to discuss matters and to plan healing services

Prayer - Rachel Metcalf for MU Chain

Healing - 

  Publicity Officer  The Publicity Officer is responsible for coordinating outward communication from the church, meeting the needs of the parish and the community and maximising our opportunity for outreach. Practically, this will involve publicity for events, banners for services, parish newsletters and brochures. The PCC has committed funds to increase our outreach by this important ministry. Team Rector
  Sidesperson We need a large number of committed sidespersons to cover all our services. The sidespersons' role is very important as they are often 'front of house' to our visitors and our  congregation, and responsible for giving out the sheets for the service, providing a welcome for people, ensuring that people know where to go (especially in baptism services), administering the collection and tidying the pews after the service.   Church Wardens 
  Sound Desk  Critical to our services is the operation of our PA system, making sure that everyone can be heard throughout the service, that our loop system is working and taping is happening for taped services. The team operates on a rota basis.  Lew Eccleshall
  Sunday Clubs  We need more Sunday Club leaders - for all age groups. See our Sunday Clubs page for full details of the groups we operate. It is not necessary to volunteer for every session. We are trying to build the team so we can have an effective rota system. Ian Merrison
  Uniformed Organisations Being a leader of any of our uniformed organisations: Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Rainbows, Brownies or Guides, is a rewarding and important ministry. Each group meets weekly and help is always welcomed.  Click on the link for a full list of contacts 
  Vestry Count  The Vestry Count team counts and prepares for banking the collection, any money in the safe entered in the rough receipts book. Members also prepare the information from the envelopes, for the gift aid secretary. The team operates on a rota basis. Ask the churchwardens for more details. Church Wardens
  Web Administrator Monitors the content of the All Hallows' Website to ensure it is current, that content conforms to style and format. Gives assistance to the people who provide content. Helen Head
  Wedding team Helps support our couples planning their lives together, developing in them what marriage really means and supporting them all the way until the wedding day itself and beyond . Peter and Brenda Cline
  Wills and Bequests  Officer Our Wills officer is there to encourage us to think about All Hallows when we are making our wills, and assists people in understanding the processes of making a will. Peter Beech
  Youth Ministry Team Once our children move on to secondary school they are also able to join our youth club, JC4youth. Helpers are needed for both Pathfinders and JC4youth. Ian Merrison