Ways to Donate

There are several ways to donate regularly To All Hallows:    

  • Leaving a donation on the collection plate 
  • Donating using a yellow envelope (found in the pews)
  • Joining the envelope scheme 
  • Giving by Standing Order 


Before you decide, you may want to visit Giving for Life to help you think and pray about your personal commitment. 


Leaving a donation on the collection plate 

You may give by leaving cash on the collection plate at any one of our services. One hymn will be dedicated as the offertory hymn, where the collection plate will be passed round the congregation. 

Donating using a yellow envelope from the pews 

At the end of each pew there are yellow envelopes. You can put your donation into the envelope but, PLEASE remember to fill in the Gift Aid details on the front of  the envelope. Pens are provided for this purpose in the pews. 

In 2011 we collected over £2,300 this way. This means nearly £600 has come back to us in Gift Aid. 

The Planned Giving Scheme (by envelope or standing order) is the best way to give to All Hallows. Perhaps you would consider joining this?

Joining the envelope scheme 

You may have seen people putting envelopes on the collection plate. These people have joined the envelope scheme. Every member of the envelope scheme is given a set of numbered envelopes (one for each week) at the start of the year. The Gift Aid Secretary records your details to enable us to claim Gift Aid on your donations. 

All you need to do is to place your weekly donation in the envelope and put it on the collection plate at your regular service of choice. If you are away on holiday or absent for any other reason, the envelopes can be put on the plate in subsequent weeks.

Giving by Standing Order

The most efficient way to give is by Standing Order. A Standing Order form can be found by clicking on this link. Our Gift Aid Secretary will be happy to receive your a mandate  and assist you with our banking details and register your name for Gift Aid.